Kathryn’s Steakhouse or Kathryn’s Steaks & Seafood Restaurant has roots as far back as 1979. Originally named Brandi’s Steakhouse on Spillway Road, the restaurant moved to the current location and changed the name to Kathryn’s in 1989. Kerry Brashear purchased Kathryn’s in 1991, and is still progressing 21 years later. Many of the original recipes are still intact from 1979, thanks to Chef George Phillips, who passed in 2000. Kerry took over the executive chef position at that time, and is still cooking some of the best steaks, seafood and prime rib that can be found in the state of Mississippi.

Call (601) 956-2803 after 3:00 PM to make Reservations for Dining Room or Lounge!

Reservations are available until 6:30 PM, with first-come, first-served seating after that time. Due to our limited seating space, we can accept a maximum of 14 guests per reservation. If your entire party has not arrived by 15 minutes after your reservation time, we may need to reclaim your unused seats or tables for other guests who are waiting to dine with us.